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Raven Travel Studios                           



Retro passion, Modern games.


Raven Travel Studios is a game development house founded in November 2011 by italian indies artists who worked in the software industry for a decade.


Our passion came from the early 80's, the golden age of the arcades, we were kids at time and since those days we grew up constantly dreaming about creating our games.


Our skills are focused on strong creativity and inspiration.

We like to paint our worlds with stylish and evocative environment.

We like to explore every kind of game who can bring addiction and fun to the player. 

We love fantasy, we love style, we love emotion.

Our imagination is fed by all the main arcade games history blended with the most suggestive cinematic influences from exploitation movies to japanimation.


We love to compose and pratice music. We know how music can bring a great evocative power in a game.

Our tech skills are mainly focused on Microsoft platforms, but we're open to all technologies.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy our work and please let us know your impressions.

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