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Cast Of The Seven Godsends is about Kandar,

a young king who fights against a demonic horde to rescue his child and save his realm.















     Kandar can run, jump, duck and attack in four directions by using one of five basic

weapons that he can carry on his way.

   The Seven Gods are with him. Each god represents a natural element, and provides

     a magic armour that Kandar can find on his way.























Once the hero wears the armour, his weapon changes effect basing on the armour element.

He also gains the power to charge and unleash a powerful magic spell.



























He can also find a magic sphere

that allows him to switch between each armour.

There are so many other bonuses that the hero can find.

 Each bonus has a different effect and can improve strenght,

endurance or just the score.

The hero must travel across seven different levels till the final showdown where he will

finally face the demon emperor and experience one of the possible endings.

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