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Cast Of The Seven Godsends is an upcoming run n gun platformer game for Windows.

On sale from July by Merge Games. We're planning to release the game also for Mac, mobiles and consoles.
Stay tuned. 

Here's some footage: the official trailer and two more gameplay videos about some levels 'n magics weapons.

What press says about Cast ?  Find it here:

 Joystiq, IndieGamerChick, IndieVault, GameWatcher, IndieGames, MyXbox360, GamerFront

Cast is a black fairytale, a long and emotional journey to rescue your newborn baby and stop the rebirth of a evil demonic emperor once for all.

It is directly inspired by classic games who defined the genre: cartoon-like hand-drawn graphics with 16-bit look'n feel, one button to jump, one button to shoot:

avoid obstacles, fight enemies, defeat bosses, advance to next level, enjoy multiple endings.
Pressing up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right, A, B on title screen should probably do some trick.

Cast Of The Seven Godsends will blow you out with:

Seven different levels, each of which divided in two or more macro-areas with outstanding landscapes and an impressive variety of locations and backgrounds. A long travel across evil woods, slimy swamps, infernal volcanos, misty towns, snowy cliffs, golden cities and obscure castles.

Five different basic weapons and seven magical armours to improve your skills. Each armour changes the basic weapon effect and provides you the power to charge and unleash a great range of additional magical spells, like powerful smart bombs, evocations, invisibilty or flight.

You can combine weapons and armours up to 35 different results.


Over 50 different kinds of enemies, and HUGE bosses at middle and bottom of each level.


A soundtrack made by 15 original symphonic songs, plus an achievement-system with over 30 secret goodies to find and unlock.


Have fun!

Raven Travel Studios


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